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Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air; just be sure to catch them. I will capture their belly laughs!

Give your loved ones a sweet kiss on the cheek. Tell your significant other how much you love them.

Heck, pinch his/her tush! Yes, I'm actually suggesting you do this. It makes for a surprise smile and often blushing cheeks.

Dance. Make silly faces. Blow a raspberry on your child's cheek or chubby little neck!

Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace. Kiss. Snuggle. Play. Run. Shake your wiggles out.

Tell jokes (dirty or clean, depending on your audience). 

Doing these things will allow me, and you, to capture the in the moment emotion, and true beauty of your family.

Leave the stiff “forced” smiles at home!!!

Show me who you really are and what makes your family so special!

Making Magic

raw. light. organic. lifestyle. movement.
images captured in emotion
Actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand of them!!

Love The Land

If we haven't done this already, we talk about stuff like the location. Like buying a house, it's always about location, location, location! Some may seem funny or weird to you, but I ask that you trust me. Locations are important and it's where a photographer then makes magic happen. I have many beloved gems- where the light is dependable and the crowds are low to give you the most quiet, unsaturated, dedicated time possible. While I have many places that I love, I am always up for chatting about a location that is special to you, interests you, or somehow represents your personality!So, if we haven't already, lets chat and choose an amazing spot to emphasize how great your family is!

Special Thoughts for Parents...
Lord hold the cheese...

Cheese is for mice & crackers.


YOU SET THE TONE! Your family & children will feed off your energy, keep a light, calm, roll with it kind of mood! 

Don’t demand children look at the camera to smile; this will only stress them out.


Nobody wants strained, unnatural, "push-poop" smiles. Those smiles don’t photograph well. Kids crack up when I say this on location -  but these smiles do!


Even when you feel like the kids are not “perfect”, look at me and keep smiling!


Do not fuss, I do this every day, please remember that.


Step back, and allow me to embarrass myself, and to be silly, while I interact with your children.


It's life and I'm totally used to it. I thrive in it.


Do giggle, and do laugh.


Do not wipe faces once we have started, unless I ask.


Do cuddle, hug, hold hands and be touchy.


We may play music and dance!


We might look for boogers.


We might have a race, or play ring round’ the rosie!


You may dance! You may shake your bum.


Bubbles are super cool!


I may ask you to take a walk!


We may sit quietly and just gab... It may look like we aren't capturing anything at all.


I might be mid-sentence and run to another part of your group; if they're interacting really sweetly together.


I may trip or stumble for illicit laughs. It's okay to giggle... I'm not old enough for you to be concerned yet.


Are we at the beach? If so, buckets rock & so do minnow nets!


Your child may get wet... and messy.


Your child may skip rocks and fling sand. It happens.


Some kids get really wet (I've had a couple dive in the water), tell me if you're not okay with this!!!


Do not worry about grass stains or scuffs on clothing. They will be removed in post processing.


You're capturing a time period- remember that... There is no shame in a "lovey" or toy!


Feel free to stand behind me: sing, laugh, cut the cheese (farts sounds).... dance... anything but “say cheese

What Not To Wear

Avoid heavy patterns or large logo's (no bigger than a quarter) as they can both be very distracting to the eye. No florescent or neon.No khaki & white! No sneakers.  Solid white – it can make you look washed out in a photo. It’s okay to wear white underneath a jacket or sweater, but don’t make it your main color.Complementary colors is our goal - I have palettes and color wheels... Just ask me!    Bring layers - cardigans, blazers, or sweaters are great things to bring to your shoot so we can try a few different things.Texture is amazing! Find a solid colored dress or one with a subtle pattern.Show your personal style. Add a splash of color.    Consider: scarves, earrings, hats, necklaces, etc.  Don’t wear too much jewelry. Big earrings are great; just don’t wear a statement necklace, too. If you’re sentimental about a piece of jewelry, please consider wearing it. If you wear transition lenses and the shoot is outdoors, consider wearing a different pair of glasses or contact lenses.  Petite children or those under 2yrs old; should not wear collared shirts. These tend to ride up and cover a child’s chin.  Onsies are great!

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