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Welcome to the 2024 season!
Complete image collection turn around
times fluctuate during the year, but I encourage you to remain mindful of your contracted delivery time of approximately 4-6 weeks from your session date.

A few days after your session, I try to upload one or two sneak peak images onto my various social media platforms (unless we agreed no to). From there images will be culled, corrected, fine-tune edited and processed- based on the order/date/and time slot they were photographed.

*a previously booked client trumps a last minute booking in the editing queue, even if the session is shot in an earlier time slot*

During the editing process, I will keep with my normal style of editing - the style that you booked me for.

Any inquiries about when to expect your gallery will be directed to this page. 

The order, in which images are processed: culling, culled, fine-tune, complete.

 2024 projects

 Perry 5/13 * completed

Callahan 5/13 * completed

Castleberry 5/13 * completed

Kotchian 5/13 * completed

Castleberry 5/14 * completed

Doefler 5/30 * culled, in fine-tune

Cabral 5/30 * offloaded

Connors 6/13 offloaded

Tholke 6/13 offloaded

Marshall 6/13 offloaded

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