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Serving Amazing Clients In Upper Cape Cod Area


Meet Me!


In case you don’t know me, I'm Kerri!

I'm a Portrait photographer, shooting on the Upper Cape Cod area.

I have built my business from the ground up over the last dozen years!

I bounce like a cat, but run like a giraffe.

 I wasn't built for speed. I'm okay with it.

I work hard, but I play harder.

I'm silly and smart; I'm witty and quick to offer a smile.

I'm confident and happy with my age and growing lines- I've earned them.

I have some "grays" but I claim to be sprouting glitter!

I'm headstrong and sharp tongued, passionate and kind. I'm goofy, giggly, 

I have a smile that goes from ear to ear and my eyes squint when I'm truly smiling.

I sing off key, but at least I give it a try!

I'm always a work in progress - always will be.

I've got a handful of the best girlfriends a girl can ask for. They are worth their weight in gold, so I'm a rich woman!

 I've visited 17 Caribbean Islands and Central American countries (many a few times over).

But, my favorite island is Bermuda... Her pink sand owns my heart. I try to go back every single year.

Here's a little secret...

In recent years, I've also fallen in love with a tiny island off the southern most coast of North Carolina.

I believe will become my home in the future- when my children are grown. It's a 3000 person town with one blinking light!

I love the color blue and hate red.

I love potato chips, but I loathe cupcakes!

Yuck, yuck, yuck! 

I "sea" a salty pattern. Maybe I am an ocean girl at heart?

Though snow is my absolute favorite thing in the world, the beach (preferably a tropical one) is a very close second.

I try to watch sun rises and sunsets every day, if I can.

I love to cook, garden and I'm crafty to a fault.

I can rig just about anything; it goes with working off the cuff.

I'm allergic to bees, but I love them anyway!

The way to my heart is with flowers. I have a tulip garden a florist would be jealous of! 

I'm not "girly" and certainly not grossed out by much of anything... Once you scroll down you will realize why.

I’ve had a pretty exciting life as a Paramedic (this is the why) and a thoughtful one as a Patient Advocate.

I cherished my time as an Alzheimer’s educator,


Mom has been the best "job" of all!

I'm the biggest cheerleader to a high-school senior (gasp!!), hockey playing, sailing daughter,

and, a elementary aged son who's into... Well... Everything!

I know just how you feel when you say "my kids are everything to me" or, "they grow up so fast!" Or, "they’re driving me bananas."

I've been married for 24 years. 

He's my best friend.

I remember the day we met 27 years ago.

It was only then that we would dreamed of the incredible life we would go on to create!

I understand the starry eyed love, and thinking life is going "too fast", and wondering how did we get "here?" 

I understand, and I see the quiet "I love you to the ends of the earth looks" that only couples share. 

I also understand the tired, life's way too hectic, "do I really have to do this? exchanges...

You know, the ones only between you and your partner?

Like you, my family has always been, and always will be, my entire world.

My family has been my life's work. My air, my earth, my ground, my compass, and my solace.

I work very bizarre hours and my off-time sacred to me.

My shooting style?

Well, I'm in love with lifestyle photography. I use a photo-journalistic, raw, organic light model when shooting. It renders more candid shots and completely natural expressions. I call it life in "e-motion" or beautiful chaos!

With my clients, I strive to collaborate, and capture the uniqueness of your family- not a storefront, contrived one. 

My editing tends to favor depth and mood.

I use minimal direction, but lots of support!

This vision and model makes me a great fit with some families, but not all -

It’s always best we gab to ensure we are a good fit!!!


True Colors...

"So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful (they're beautiful)
Like a rainbow"

-American songwriters Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly

- Performed by Phil Collins


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