"SOS!!! I'm Camera shy"

So am I! 

-save your sanity-

How do I do it?

Remember actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand of them!!

Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air; just be sure to catch them. I will capture their belly laughs! Give your loved ones a sweet kiss on the cheek. Tell your husband or wife, how much you love them. Heck, pinch his/her tush! It makes for a surprise smile and often blushing cheeks.

Dance. Make silly faces. Blow a raspberry on your child's cheek. Blow a fart noise int their chubby little neck (yes, I'm actually suggesting you do this).  

Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace. Kiss. Snuggle. Play. Run. Shake your wiggles out.

Tell jokes (dirty or clean, depending on your audience). 

Doing these things will allow me, and you, to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family.

Leave the stiff “forced” smiles at home!!! Show me who you really are and what makes your family so special.

Thoughts for Parents:

Do not fuss. I do this every day, please remember that.

Kids, are kids, are kids and I expect that! Your kids and session will go exactly how every other one goes... Controlled chaos. Its life, and I'm totally used to it.

I thrive in it.

All the sessions in this website have gone the same way.

Do smile, do laugh, do giggle.

Do not wiped faces once we have started- unless I ask.

Do cuddle, hug, and be touchy.

Do hold hands. 

Do not worry too much about grass stains or scuffs on clothing (once we are shooting).

I may ask you to take out your Iphone... "Gasp!" I'll explain later.

We may play music and dance!

You may dance! You will shake your bum.

Bubbles are super cool.

So is glitter & Holi Paint. Fish face is ok, duck face is not!

We may guppy for giggles.

We may sit quietly and just gab... It may look like we are capturing anything at all. 

I might be mid sentence and run to another part of your group, if they're interacting really sweetly together. 

I may trip or stumble for illicit laughs. It's okay to giggle... I'm not old enough for you to be be concerned yet, lol. 

Are we at the beach? If so buckets rock & so do minnow nets!

Your child may get wet... And messy.

Your child may skip rocks and fling sand. It happens.

Some kids get really wet (I've had a couple dive in the water), tell me if you're not okay with this!!!

Remember communication is the key.

Feel free to bring special toys or belongings for your child.

You're capturing a time period- remember that... There is no shame in a "lovey" or toy! 

Email me your child’s favorite song... I just may sing it! Not well, mind you.

DO NOT SAY CHEESE!! Cheese is for mice & crackers.

Feel free to stand behind me: sing, laugh, make inappropriate noises (farts sounds).... anything but  "say cheese". Demanding children look at the camera to smile will only stress your child(ren) out; they in turn take it out on me. Don't do it. Please and thank you!

Nobody wants strained, unnatural, or "push-poop" smiles (yes, kids crack up when I say this on location).

Step back, and allow me to be natural, embarrass myself and be goofy, while I interact with your children.  

Remember, I have tricks up my sleeve to make kids look at me... I pull them out when I need them.


"I've learned, as a photographer, if you're patient enough, and give kids the time they need, they will give you everything you were ever looking for" ♥kmb

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