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Location, Location, Location

I would never give away my secrets! Like buying a house, it's always about location, location, location! Lets gab and pick one of the amazing spots that emphasizes how awesome your family is.


What to wear... Gents, Ladies, and lovebugs: 

Don’t wear florescent or neon!!!!!

Check your clothing… Does it reflect color onto your face? Is it creating a color cast? If yes, take it off and find something else. 

Think complimentary colors. 

I have palettes and color wheels... Just ask me!

Don’t wear a solid white top – it can make you look washed out in a photo. It’s okay to wear white underneath a jacket or sweater, but don’t make it your main color.

Bring layers - cardigans, blazers, or sweaters are great things to bring to your shoot so we can try a few different things.

Texture is amazing.

Female clients feel confident wearing a dress with pockets.

Find a solid colored dress or one with a subtle pattern. 

Our clothing will also compliment our location.

Please, do not match!! No matchy- matchy!

No khaki & white. 

Show your personal style.

Add a splash of color.

Consider: scarves, earrings, hats, necklaces, etc.

Don’t wear too much jewelry. Big earrings are great; just don’t wear a statement necklace, too.

If you’re sentimental about a piece of jewelry, please consider wearing it.

If you wear transition lenses and the shoot is outdoors, consider wearing a different pair of glasses or contact lenses.

You can also bring multiple pairs of glasses so we can switch them out when they get dark.

You can be funky and add some pizzazz.

No sneakers!! Please and thank you.

Pintrest is our friend!! We will use it and make a "storyboard" of ideas!

Please run your clothing ideas by me. This is my job and I love this part!!! 

Petite children or those under 2yrs old; should not wear collared shirts. These tend to ride up and cover a child’s chin.

Onsies are great!

Adults & children alike should avoid heavy patterns or large logo's (no bigger than a quarter) as they can both be very distracting to the eye.

If you are comfortable bringing additional shirts, sweatshirts, or blouses to change into- please feel free **note; we may not have access to changing facilitates.

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